Christmas Songs – Day 18


Wee bit later than normal with the Christmas song today, since I forget to schedule it.
This means that I can tell you a little bit about the wonderful night I had last night at the Glasgow PodcART Christmas Party. Panda Su, The Darien Venture, Kid Canaveral and Tokyo Knife Attack all played, and were all brilliant. Some lovely Christmas cover versions were played too, which was obviously a winner with me.
Met up with a good bunch of the people that have kept me entertained this year, as well as ssome new ones. And of course, me and Peenko danced like buffoons to Kid Canaveral. As the PodcART folk might say, ooft.

Today’s song comes from Idlewild. They give Cliff Richard a metaphorical kicking in this one.

Idlewild – Misletoe And Wine

Idlewild Website


  1. peenko says:

    Ooft indeed, I feel rough as fuck today