Christmas Songs – Day 2


Originally something else was scheduled for day two, but after Boab from Campfires in Winter sent me this over I decided I couldn’t hold it back, I’d be cheating mankind if they had to wait.
Well alright, maybe not, but the song did make me laugh hysterically for quite some time.
If Boab doesn’t mind, I’ll quote his description of the song – “it’s about 2 guys getting pished, one of them decides to burn down the tree and pretends to be a bear and asks the other one to join him. It’s a lot of shite.” Me, I think it might well be my new favourite Christmas song.

Campfires in Winter – Christmas Song

It doesn’t represent the music Campfires in Winter make in the slightest though, it was something they put together as a pisstake, for a laugh. It does that job nicely, but get yourself round to their MySpace to hear what they normally do, and get a better understanding of why Glasgow Podcart recently raved about them.

Campfires In Winter MySpace