Christmas Songs – Day 20


Did you know that the number of posts this month is higher than the number of posts I made here in the whole first year Aye Tunes was around? Now you do.
Did you care? Probably not.

We’re in to the home stretch with the Christmas songs, so if there’s anything you desperatly want to hear, or if there’s a song you want to contribute, get it in quickly.
Today’s song comes from the still much missed Dogs Die in Hot Cars.

Dogs Die In Hot Cars – Christmas


  1. Kowalskiy says:

    Jim, why did they have to split?? :(

    Should have a wee snoop about for the unreleased 2nd album Pop Nonsense if you haven’t already gotten your hands on it.

    Was a great idea getting the fans to mix it and it was up there if not better than Please Describe Yourself.