In the run up to Sunday’s gig I’ll be taking a quick look at each of the four acts performing, one each day.
Since I’m not all that familiar with any of them – Sunday will be the first time I’ve seen any of the four – this could be terrible, but I’ll try my best!

Debutant is just one man, an Aberdonian gent by the name of Phillip Quirie, who has embraced the DIY music ethos for his work.
Starting off in his bedroom in 2007 and plugging away since he has more recently been juggling Debutant duties with being a member of Edinburgh’s Meursault.
Debutant plays a mostly instrumental set with occasional vocals, just one man, his guitar and an assortment of pedals, but makes a very big sound.
I’ve only been able to listen to a couple of Debutant songs, but those few I’ve heard provoke instant reactions, the main one being massive anticipation to see and hear the set on Sunday.

What I’ve heard has been gorgeous, dreamy soundscapes, packed with atmosphere. For quick, lazy comparison look to My Bloody Valentine. Minus the ear bleeding volume and feedback that is.

Phillip is currently working on a debut album which will hopefully be out early next year. I for one can’t wait to hear more.

<a href="">Thirst by Gerry Loves Records</a>

Debutant MySpace