Define Pop Fest 2 – Stage Times


For those planning on getting down to the Flying Duck this weekend for Define Pop 2, here’s the stage times for both days:

Living Room Stage – Saturday
5.20 Miniature Dinosaurs
6.10 Louise Against The Elements
7.00 Mickey 9’s
7.50 The Costapeens
8.40 Kochka
9.30 Vendor Defender
10.20 Kid Canaveral

Kitchen Stage – Saturday
4.40 Little Yellow Ukuleles
5.30 Make Sparks
6.20 Blessed Order Of Fallen Stars
7.10 The Morgue Party Candidate
8.00 Other People
8.50 Pacific Theatre
9.40 Gdansk
10.30 Young Aviators

Living Room Stage – Sunday
4.30 Lovers Turn To Monsters
5.20 Esperi
6.10 Incrediboy and The Forget Me Nots
7.00 Julia and the Doogans
7.50 Diamond Sea
8.40 The Lava Experiments
9.30 Second Hand Marching Band
10.20 Yahweh

Kitchen Stage – Sunday
4.40 Marshall Chipped
5.30 Lad Lazarus
7.10 Little Eskimos
8.00 Dead Boy Robotics
8.50 Stereo Grand
9.40 Nevada Base
10.30 Pooch

I’ll be kicking about both days, come say hello.

Haven’t had a chance to have a more in depth look at the acts playing unfortunately. I’ll try to squeeze in a couple of features before the weekend, but don’t count on it.
Sorry to the people I miss out. Sorry if I miss you playing too, it won’t be anything personal (probably)