Define Pop Festival 3


Ah time, you’ve gotten away from me again. The third Define Pop Festival takes place this Saturday across Stereo, the Admiral Bar and Pivo Pivo, and I’d intended to do a better preview of it that this, but haven’t, obviously.

Last year’s festival was more fun than a bag of, um, fun things (read a very hungover review here if you want) with plenty excellent bands and a ton of good folk. Although we can only guess at the quality of the folk on Saturday the line up looks just as excellent.
Here’s the line up and stage times, subject to change:
4.30 The Ghosties
7.50 Epic26
8.40 Suspire
9.45 Cities & Skylines

Pivo Pivo
6.45 Little Fire

9.15 The Mademoiselle
10.55 Kochka