EP Review: Kid Canaveral – Left And Right


We’ve established that I’m not the best at keeping up on what I’m meant to be doing by now, so it should come as no surprise that I once again preface a review with an apology. Sorry to Kid Canaveral, who sent me over their new EP just before it’s launch night weeks ago and it has taken me this long to get round to reviewing it.

There’s something I knew already about Kid Canaveral from picking up their previous singles, and that is that they know their way around a catchy tune. The Left and Right EP reinforces this from the off, with the opening track after which the EP is named grabbing you instantly with it’s killer hook, sweet harmonies, summery cheeriness and all round bouncy joy. Indie pop splendidness that reminds a bit of The Delgados (and being compared favourably to The Delgados is one of the highest compliments I can pay someone).

From there the songs change direction somewhat – no pigeonholing for this lot. Stretching the Line is still catchy as heck, but throws an electronic drum beat and some strings into the mix. Still cheery, still headboppy, but entirely different from Left and Right.

Finally Long in the Tooth closes the EP and is another shift in direction, leaving behind the bounciness for a more gentle, melancholic tone.

With just three tracks, the longest clocking in at three minutes long, the EP doesn’t run any risk of outstaying it’s welcome, but shifting the songs from out of your head will take considerably longer. Left and Right is a great little piece of work from a band who started off pretty damn good but continue to evolve and improve.

You can buy the EP, on cassette no less, direct from the band here. They’ll give you a free download with the tape, so there’s no need to panic that you won’t be able to listen to it. If you just want the download the EP is also available from eMusic, iTunes etc.

Kid Canaveral play the upcoming Define Pop Festival II at The Flying Duck, so can we pretend I’m not horribly late with this review and I was just saving it to act as a Define pop preview? No? Oh ok then.


  1. b says:

    ha, there was a fight. the problem was, that place is such a shithole nobody bothered cleaning the blood up.

    will listen to these kids (har) when i come home.

    ps, might be moving to aberdeen in the next year (?!??!)