EP Review: Sparrow and the Workshop – Into The Wild


Monday saw the release of the second EP by Glasgow based but hailing from all over the place three piece Sparrow and the Workshop. Since I really enjoyed their last EP (or are the mini albums? I’m not sure) Sleight of Hand, I picked up the new one too and now, somewhat obviously, I’m going to write about it a wee bit.

First of all Into The Wild, like Sleight of Hand was, is really good.
The band have a real chemistry together, which is obvious right from the off on opener You’ve Got It All. Jill O’Sullivan has a really powerful, but never overpowering, country tinged voice which is nicely complimented by Gregor Donaldson’s vocal contribution.
The songs are dramatic, melodic and unpredictable, often taking twists and turns in the instrumentation that you never saw coming. Add all the parts together and you get something quite thrilling

Swam Like Sharks is probably my favourite of the songs on offer here, starting out gently, before morphing into something altogether rougher. It’s only a slight nudge away from being all out metal at times, and all the better for it. There’s not a bad song in the bunch, and enough variety across the seven tracks to show that Sparrow and the Workshop won’t be going short of ideas any time soon.

As is befitting of a band with members hailing from America and Wales, as well as a Scot, there’s no chance of Sparrow and the Workshop ever being tagged as just another Scottish band. Their sound is very distinctive, and stands out a mile from the also rans. They are one of those bands who bring to mind plenty of other songs and other bands, without ever sounding like anyone but themselves.

Into The Wild more than delivers on the promise of Sleight of Hand. Now, can we have something longer next time please?

Sparrow and the Workshop MySpace

Into The Wild is available as a download now from all the usual places. A physical release is due to follow on November 30th. Sparrow and the Workshop have a few gigs coming up, including a freebie in Glasgow for The Mill. Check their MySpace for full dates.