Day two of my spotlight on artists play this Sunday’s big Glasgow PodcART gig, the line up for which has grown with the addition of Waves Below DJing at the show. The gig is also now tieing into Oxjam, making it even more worthwhile!

esperi is mainly the work of Chris Lee-Marr, assisted at times by any combination of his wife Cat, Jon Adam, Kev Black , Craig Arnott and Eilidh Glynn.

Again, I’ve not yet caught esperi live and aside from hammering the songs on MySpace to prepare for this, haven’t heard an awful lot of their stuff. What I’ve heard is great though. Similar to Debutant there’s a lot of layering of vocals and different instrumentation – some very exotic and unconventional instruments at that – going on, combines to form gorgeous gentle, melodic storytelling songs

esperi are launching their new EP 21:21 at the show too. If I’ve got my copy/paste right there ought to be a wee widget down the bottom that will let you buy a copy. In addition to Sunday’s gig there’s a lot more esperi live dates coming up, including Define Pop II.

I don’t have any mp3s I can post, but you can hear esperi songs at MySpace and You have to listen to Proverb Part 2. That isn’t a suggestion, that’s a demand.


  1. Hi Jim

    I love Made for Life from the EP and Chris is a lovely bloke. When the De Rosa show in Dundee looked like going tits up last year venue-wise he was very supportive. And he plays with Panda Su as well!

  2. Jim says:

    Really looking forward to catching everyone involved on Sunday. Not seen anyone live yet, and have only really heard wee bits and pieces from most of them.
    Panda Su coming up tomorrow :)