#EuroBAMS – Round One


Two years ago we ran a wee fantasy league for the World Cup. It was quite fun, so we’re having one again for the European Championships.

With the end of the group stages yesterday and the next round starting tomorrow, now is as good a time as any to check in on how the league looks.

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Some people have signed up, picked a team, and left it alone. Others, like myself, have been unable to resist tinkering, making full use of substitutions and transfers. With half the countries taking part now knocked out, this is the point where team changes are vital, or else you’ll end up scoring no more points because all your Danish guys aren’t playing again.

Competition has been feisty thus far, with the top reaches of the table changing drastically from game to game. Well, with one exception. Unless it happened on a rare occasion that I didn’t check the standings that day, Birdhead’s Stephen Donkin has led from day one.

With most teams just a good, or bad, performance from a key player away from each other, there’s still all to play for. I’ll check back in after the quarter finals have been completed, and we’ll see how things stand then.