#EuroBams – Round Three


Semi finals over, time for another status report on the EuroBAMS fantasy league.

There’s really not much to report though. Here’s the updated table.

Click to make bigger, kiss to make boogie.

Birdhead’s Stephen Donkin still sits at the top of the table, and is now almost certain to win the competition, barring a ridiculous turnaround in fortunes in the final game.
Clair from Catthouse has overtaken Christian from In Session to take second place, while team Aye Tunes has dropped to fifth. A strong round from the A Fight You Can’t Win team sees Sander overtake me, apparently on alphabetical order. Stupid Germany and their stupid late goal.
It’s all very tight in the rest of the top ten, it looks like there will be quite a battle to claim a top five finish this time round.

The best performance of the round award (note: not an actual reward) goes to Last Year’s Girlymen, with Lisa-Marie striking another blow against the┬ápatriarchy through the medium of pretend football. Or something. I’m not sure where I’m going with this paragraph really.

Elsewhere, after a poor second round, Cope’s Crusaders cling on to second place, with rumours abound that next time round they’ll be pushing for inclusion in the top league as a newcope. I just wanted to use that pun really.

There’s just the final game left, so chances to overtake rivals will be limited. It may well coem down to who can put together a strong team for the final match, who won’t have enough transfers left to make the drastic changes they might need, and who saved their wildcard for this round, allowing them to dump all their disappointing players.

Come back on Monday to find out who has been crowned the winner. Then after Monday I’m going to have to go back to writing about music, since there’s no more distractions I can use.



    Now to hit the “random” button and see how we get on in the final!


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