#EuroBAMS – Round Two


Here we go then, time for another look at the EuroBAMS Euro 2012 fantasy league. You can see the results of round one here.

As of the end of the quarter final stages, the league looks like this.

Click the image to make it big. Or squint your eyes to read tiny writing.

Once again, Birdhead’s Stephen Donkin is sitting pretty at the top of the league. There was one brief wobble for him though, with him losing top spot briefly during round two to Fresh Air’s Christian Illingworth. Christian is still breathing down Stephen’s neck, with Catthouse’s Claire Thomson catching up quickly too.
Team Aye Tunes has managed to clamber up the table a bit, but is now more points behind first place than I was at the end of the previous round when languishing at sixth in the table.

An impressive second round performance from Robbi Pinkerton rocketed him from 16th to 8th, while a relatively poor turn from Chris Cope’s Crusaders saw him go in the opposite direction, falling from a comfortable top five place place to 12th.

There’s still a lot of points to play for, but with a reduced number of players to choose from things can get tricky at this point. The small player pool means that many of us will have very similar squads in the closing stages, making gaining an advantage over our rivals rather difficult. It can be done though, as evidenced from the World Cup league two years ago, which went right to the wire, with Dear Scotland overtaking The Tidal Wave of Indifference at just about the last possible moment to take the title.

Dear Scotland will have their work cut out to retain their title this time round, but who knows what drama lurks ahead? Come back at the end of the week for one more update after the semi finals have been concluded, and we’ll see who has the bit between their teeth ahead of Sunday’s final.