As you might have noticed I got bored and repainted.
I don’t think I broke anything this time, let me know if I did.


  1. peenko says:

    I am still undecided, I think it looks better, but I miss the old lay out. Then again I am not a big fan of change….. does this mean that you’re going to be making more changes now that you’re off the fags?

  2. Jim says:

    We;ll see how long I can stay off fags. I might try to not let myself smoke till I finish the A-Z, that should keep me smoke free for a year or two.
    The old layout was always a bit wonky, I could never get it to show labels on posts, and everything felt scrunched up in the middle, so I wanted to change it for a while. Last time I tried to change it, I broke the entire blog for about an hour.

  3. Jim says:

    If anyone is any good at designing lovely blog header graphic type things and will work for free then that’s another change I’d like to make :)
    Gone is the old “Best in Scottish Music” subtitle, since it made me sound like an up myself twat.

  4. Tart says:

    Can’t believe it’s taken me this long to pop over and see what’s up! Looks lovely darling… teensy bit stark, but it suits you Scots in winter, all bleak and like that xoxo