Findo Gask Say Goodbye


Findo Gask have announced they are to split. That’s the band by the way, not the Perthshire village, it’s status remains the same.

Over on the band’s MySpace they say:

It has come to an end, or at least it will have done pretty soon. The tyres were shot out a while ago, the engine is kaput, and we’re slowly coasting to a stand still.
Before that happens, we will finish the album we should have finished ages ago.
Then we will do a show at a venue in Glasgow.
Then we’re going to have a holiday!

Before they go you can catch Findo Gask, along with members of Remember Remember, Divorce, Findo Gask, Guanoman, The Royal We, Bad Bad Men, Phat Trophies, Prayer Rug, The Paraffins, Splashy The Blame Shifter and more, covering songs by girl groups at The Flying Duck next Thursday – April 1st – for Way of the Womb.

We here at Aye Tunes would like to wish all the members of Findo Gask all the best in their future endeavours, and hope they have a nice holiday.