Frightened Rabbit


Frightened Rabbit are four blokes from Selkirk, brothers Scott and Grant Hutchison, Billy Kennedy and Andy Monaghan.
Tons of things have been written about them, both in Scotland and beyond, since the release of their debut album Sing The Greys in 2006.
Rather than cover old ground, I’ll just add my tuppence worth by saying that they are really, really good. I’m ashamed to add that they’d slipped under my radar until I saw them supporting Sons and Daughters a wee while ago, shortly before the release of second album The Midnight Organ Fight, where they opened the show and were miles better than the second support act Black Kids.
The Pop Cop has a great interview with singer Scott Hutchison here, while JC from The Vinyl Villan has a live review here.

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Sample Songs:
The Greys – From Sing The Greys
The Modern Leper – From The Midnight Organ Fight
Behave! – Live version, available on eMusic. Original version on Sing The Greys