Gig Preview: Favourite Son & Oxjam Present…


Fed up with Oxjam gigs yet? No? Good, cause there’s still a couple more worth mentioning before the month is out. Yes? You heartless bastard, I hope someone stabs you in the eye with a fork.

Our pals over at Favourite Son – I say that like we aren’t both one man operations – have an event coming up at The Classic Grand on October 29th, with a rather tasty line up to boot.
Playing on the night (with quite shamelessly nicked bios) are:
The Winter Tradition are a noisy pop-rock quartet from Scotland. Their energetic live performances are emphasized by various dynamics that excite and involve the audience and they have succeeded in creating their own sound that is instantly recognisable to any listener or follower. The Winter Tradition have used the combination of many artists from different backgrounds and traditions to create a blend of music that they could listen to and enjoy themselves.

The songs are about noise-control officers, mental illness, robotics, geographical obstacles, mysterious women from space, electricity, love and the importance (or otherwise) of timeliness. The end result is about making heartfelt, thoughtful – danceable – pop; Or is it poppable-dance? Either way, if this leaves you confused as to whether you should dance or think, then just dance.
Kochka make music that will make you dance your feet off or rip your heart out; Electro-Cabaret-Bolshevic-Folk-Trotskyite-Soul-Klezmer-Rock-HappyBluesPop-Post Surf-Circus Dance-Tribal Screaming-Yeah!? and whatever else may come to your mind.
The Clyde are a group of four musicians all hailing from the Glasgow area with a shared passion for playing, writing and performing good music. Formed in late 2009 and recording their first EP ‘New Beginnings’ in January 2010, The Clyde signed to Scotland’s Delicate Records in July 2010.
Tickets are available here for £4 in advance, or you can pay £5 on the night. Doors are at 7pm, so get along early.
Find out more about Oxjam here, and visit the Favourite Son blog here.