Gig Review: Peenko vs Aye Tunes – Kid Canaveral, Mitchell Museum & Campfires In Winter


Peenko Vs Ayetunes
Kid Canaveral, Mitchell Museum & Campfires In Winter
Captains Rest
30th April

Last night after a long day of avoiding studying by being locked away in a rehearsal studio I headed out to the first ever(and hopefully not the last) Ayetunes vs Peenko night at my home away from home The Captains Rest in the west end of Glasgow. Though I managed to lose my ticket some time in the run up to the event in this sold out event I luckily got in, cheers for that by the way lads!
After wading my way through a crowd of some of my favourite bloggers and podcasters around town I made it downstairs with time to spare to get ready for Campfires In Winter.

Campfires In Winter
Being a fan of all the recordings I had heard so far but not having the opportunity to catch them live yet as of yet I was very happy to finally get the opportunity to see them in action, and they didn’t disappoint The band came out of the gate with personal favourite They Looked Like Fallen Leaves they instantly caught my attention with their great atmospheric guitar sounds and honest and convincing vocals backed by a piano and a peculiar yet highly effective percussion set up which appeared to be a tv dinner, a floor tom, a ride cymbal table and a box with a kick pedal, despite the loss of a member in recent months the band did their selves justice which is always a worry seeing an act for the first time live. The band left me transfixed for their entire set with subtle builds and soundscaped backing along with a few well picked covers in Neutral Milk Hotel and Square 9 by Frightened Rabbit which I never knew was a cover until it was pointed out to me post set. They closed with the track Mortigi Tempo which was a powerful ending to an excellent set, and a perfect start to the night! After the topping up of beverages it came the time for Mitchell Museum.

Mitchell Museum
This was a band that I had experienced once in Brel at a gig which seemed to be filled with technical problems but couldn’t wait to see what they had to offer. The band spared not even a drop of energy in their performance of fun filled, hook laden and groove ridden pop songs. Mitchell Museum really brought the energy to the packed out sweaty basement that was the Captains Rest, and their highly entertaining yet cheeky banter kept you entertained between every track. Tracks like Take The Tongue which was one of my personal favourites of the set showing off their high tempo almost circus influenced pop side alongside upcoming single Warning Bells more of a groove ridden vamped pop song with a great sing along chorus which I am listening back to again now on their site and cant wait till its available to be bought. All in all they blew me away with their energy and ability to control the audience and look forward to the opportunity to catch them again. After catching my breath and cooling down it was time for the main attraction of the evening Kid Canaveral.

Kid Canaveral
I have seen this band a hand full of times now, they have yet to disappoint and this time? Well they were on fine form! The band kicked off with a slower number which I hadn’t heard before which I can only assume is from their upcoming album(which will be released at the Roxy Arthouse in Edinburgh on June 3rd) this was a slowed down beginning for the band, I had seen them use this technique before so the second track hits hard and it did with “Good Morning” a song which is a great example of their energetic indie pop sound which managed to capture this rooms full attention. The band were playing all of their hits tonight and it amazed me how many of the songs I actually knew to sing along with tracks like Smash Hits, And Another Thing and Left and Rights. The performance they gave did not leave people bopping their heads but the front of the crowd(myself included among the many bloggers) pulling shapes and bopping around and smiling like idiots. Kid Canaveral closed the set with fans favourite Couldn’t Dance where the crowd and the band used up the last of their available drops of energy that they had left form the rest of their set. The band walked off the stage leaving their guitars buzzing and the crowd cheering.

All in all this was a great gig, 3 bands who put their full energy to their performances. If anyone went home from that gig I would be highly surprised. Ayetunes and Peenko put on a great event and I’m left wondering, when’s the next one?

Review by Wull Swales of Define Pop. Cheers Wull!


  1. Anonymous says:

    I went to that gig and was particularly amazed by the sounds of Mitchell Museum. Was advised by a friend to see the band in action and they certainly ooze energy. Will defo try to see them again :)