Gig Review: The Whisky Works, Trapped In Kansas


Thursday, December 3rd 2009.
The Whisky Works and Trapped In Kansas, The Mill at Òran Mór, Glasgow.

I did say I wasn’t going to review every single gig I go to, but I could do with a break from writing up my favourite albums – lots of half finished posts and headaches – so last night’s gig is getting a quick write up.

I’d been looking forward to this gig for a while, I think I’d grabbed tickets almost immediately after the became available on The Mill website. I hadn’t counted on my poor financial planning meaning it would use up every bit of my remaining cash to get there, although by this point I should have known better. Happily it was worth it, it was even worth the long walk home from the centre of Paisley to the arse end, where I live.

I hadn’t seen The Whisky Works before, but I did pick up their debut EP when it was released. To be honest, I wasn’t completely convinced by it. While it was mostly enjoyable, there were a few bits that left me cold. Nonetheless, they were a band I’d fancied catching for a while.
I’m very glad I caught them now. Having not seen the band before, I can’t say what effect the recent addition of a new bassist, Ross Jenkins – also of Hey Vampires, but the band sounded fantastic. Energetic, moledic, engaging and loud. All those issues I had with their songs on the EP were gone live too. Really very impressed.

Incidentally, I’ve just realised one of the reasons I wasn’t completely sold on the EP, Deficit Attention Program, that The Whisky Works released earlier this year is that the copy I got from eMusic skips all over the place. What I though were weirdly arranged and repetitive bits are actually screwed up mp3s. Oops!

I could have sworn I’d written about Trapped In Kansas before over here, but looking back it seems that other than mentioning a few of their gigs, I haven’t. I’ll rectify that more fully sometime soon. Last time I saw them, a while back in The Flying Duck, I was shaking off a cold, so wasn’t in the best of form for judging bands. However what I heard that night, along with the songs I’d heard previously and since, were more than enough to rocket them up my bands to keep an eye on list. Thus, getting to see them again last night was something I was rather excited about.
I wasn’t alone in that either, there were a whole score of familiar faces in the crowd last night. I dare say none of us went home disappointed. Well, except perhaps the member of Team PodcART who wanted five more songs, but if you ask me being left wanting more is far, far better than a band that outstay their welcome.
Trapped in Kansas make songs that are all at once complex and intricate, yet crowd pleasing and catchy, showing that you don’t need to dumb things down to get the audience singing along.
A special mention also has to go to Finn Le Marinel’s vocals. They are distincive, beautiful and are one of many things that helps this band, for me, stand out from the pack.

At a few recent gigs at The Mill I’ve noticed a few issues with the sound, but happily there were none noticable last night, both bands sounded great. Good night? As that wee nodding dog off the telly might say, oh yes.

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