Gig Tomorrow, Plug Plug Plug

We didn’t have time to change the poster

It’s time, once again, to remind you that I’m doing stuff. Tomorrow (Saturday Jan 26th, in case you aren’t reading this on the day it was written) is the third of the gigs put on by myself, Neil from Scottish Fiction and Lloyd from Peenko, with the witty and creative Scottish Fiction Presents: Aye Tunes Vs Peenko title. Suggestions for snappier promotional titles welcome. I suggested SPAFT, since it includes the initials from all our blogs. This suggestion was, correctly, dismissed.

We’re moving to The 13th note for this one, with the fun kicking off from around 8pm. It’ll only cost you six pounds to get in.

Here’s what you’ll get for your money.

Black International – stepping in at the last minute for the sadly unable to appear King Post Kitsch, the Edinburgh two piece gathered rave reviews for their recent King Tuts gig, so come catch them before they get huge egos and demand a rider that would bankrupt me! They also happen to be a huge favourite of mine, so I’m happy to have them back.

In Debt by Black International
Plastic Animals – another big favourite round here, and another band who I apparently haven’t robbed blind or offended, since this will be their second gig with me involved. This lot make lovely noise.

Automaton by Plastic Animals
The Yawns – and a band I’ve not put on before! Their debut album caught a fair bit of attention when released last year, and this gig is the last on The Yawns’s UK tour to promote the launch of the album on lovely, shiny vinyl. You’ll be able to hear lots of songs and buy a record if you wish.

The Yawns by The Yawns

Hugs – lurk near Neil, Lloyd or myself and chances are you’ll get hugged. Especially later in the night when we’ve been drinking. Don’t let that put you off though.

The Skinny said “go find a new favourite band” about the gig, and who am I to disagree? Well, these bands are already amongst my favourites, but that’s not the point.

So that’s Saturday the 26th, at The 13th Note, doors open at 8, and six quid in.