Got One More Vote In You?


We’ll gently gloss over what happened the last time the Nation voted for now, and instead move on to something else.

If you aren’t too jaded to vote after last week, then may I politely enlist a little help with something?
Mitchell Museum, as you can’t have failed to notice, are pretty well loved round Aye Tunes way, and they are gearing up for the launch of their new single. Warning Bells is released on June 14th (hey, just in time for my birthday!), backed with a brand new remix by We Were Promised Jetpacks.
Before that though, the song is currently up for inclusion on Steve Lamacq’s Rebel Playlist.
Competition for the spot comes from She & Him and recent Geffen Records signings Everything Everything. Both of them are good, but I dare say they don’t need the assistance quite so much as a small operation in Glasgow does, do they?
So, basically this has been a rather long winded way of saying please go here and vote for Mitchell Museum.
All it takes is a quick email and you’d be helping out a bunch of smashing musicians and lovely men.


  1. Hey, Jim. Got one more vote left in me if it’s for another MM! Was speaking to young Michael Jetpack the other night and he mentioned the remix so I’m looking forward to hearing it. Presumably this will be the last time that WB is released as a single though – a couple of other tracks sounded potential single material the other week.