Happy Birthday Rab!


Today marks the 250th birthday of Robert Burns. To celebrate Scotland is trying to lure all you foreigners with proud Scotch roots over to spend on your money on horrendous tartan shite, and to encourage this we renamed the Scottish FA Cup and commisioned a horrible advert where people sing Caledonia, including Lulu and Sean Connery.

Don’t get me ****ing started on that bloody advert.

For me a better advert for the Bard is this, Parcel Of Rogues, performed by the magnificent Delgados for John Peel.

If you don’t own any Delgados albums shame on you, go buy some.

While we’re at at, another couple of Rabbie’s songs…
Camera Obscura – A Red, Red Rose
Me First & The Gimme Gimmes – Auld Lang Syne

I’m aware that in some people’s eyes it’s treasonous to say it, but my prefered Burns isn’t Rabbie, it’s Jake, so here, just for fun, is some SLF too:
Nobody’s Hero – Live at Glasgow Barrowlands


  1. JC says:

    If you’ll alllow me to repeat what I said elsewhere but a few minutes ago….

    I’ve two two of the fuckers (Burn Suppers) to attend this week….thankfully neither of them all-male events…but both requiring formal dress.

    The fact that Burns has been hijacked by the nationalists is bad enough.

    He fathered how many kids by how many diffeernt mothers? He was a misogynist bastard…and that’s me being polite.

    What’s also conveniently forgotten is that he once published a book of poetry in the hope he could raise enough money to emigrate to Jamaica where he was going to take employment as a slavemaster on a plantation.

    The hype this year is particularly disatasteful.

    Roll on February.

    Oh and my own Burns was the late Tommy….a fine footballer, but a genuine nice man on top of that.

  2. Jim says:

    I’m in full agreement with you where it comes to Tommy, a fine gentleman indeed.

    I’ve got no time for Burns Suppers to be honest, the ones I’ve attended in the past have seemed like nothing short of excuses to be drunk and misogynist arseholes.

    Don’t start me off on Nationalists either…