Happy Birthday To Me


(There’s more proper posts coming, I swear)

I know you don’t care, buuuut, it’s my blog, so there :P
Anyway, it’s my birthday today, pushing me one step closer to being middle aged.
Anything around that I should buy? Recommendations welcome.


  1. VonCheech says:


  2. b says:

    Shoot! I missed your birthday last year, too. In my defense, I haven’t had internet for the last week and a half, and what I have know is more like in(ERROR)ter(network connection is unavailable)net. (I had no excuse last year.)

    but anyway, Happy (belated) birthday!!

  3. JC says:

    I’ve been neglectful of other blogs of late….so belated happy bithday Jim.

    But I’m spooked that we share a birthday, similar music tastes and a love for the real City of Culture…..

  4. b says:

    I was totally thinking of that! But I don’t think I’ll be making it out there :( I already created a clusterfuck with the last week here by deciding to take the train on a Eurail pass that I don’t yet have and is not available for purchase in Europe for some reason. . . On the other hand, if you feel like making the little ol’ trip to Galway, I’m here til Tuesday :p

    Anyway, I thought of what you should get yourself for your birthday. The Pogues boxset! I was in a cd store the other day looking at it going “bahahah, exchange rate what? It’s the Pogues!” I didn’t buy it, it was a struggle though.

  5. b says:

    hello my partner in crime- if killing the thing things is a crime. which it isn’t.

    Oooh, the box set sounds fab (as if it could be otherwise). It’s totally on my wishlist. i won’t be able to less-legit means-it, if you know what i mean, til I get home. I’m using McDonald’s wifi right now :p but thanks for the offer! When I get back, I’ll see what’s going on and give ya a holler- but hopefully I can find some links so you wouldn’t hafta upload all that.

    I hope your summer has been good! Sorry we couldn’t cross paths :(