Happy Christmas!


Want all the Christmas songs collected together in one post? Well ok then, consider this your present. There’s even an extra song.

1st – Miss The Occupier – Christmas Wrapping
2nd – Campfires in Winter – Christmas Song
3rd – Arab Strap – Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
4th – Teenage Fanclub – Christmas Eve
5th – There Will Be Fireworks – In Excelsis Deo
6th – Frightened Rabbit – It’s Christmas So We’ll Stop (2007)
7th – El Dog – Let It Snow
8th – Mitchell Museum – Stop The Cavalry
9th – Cocteau Twins – Winter Wonderland
10th – Paul Vickers and The Leg – I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas
11th – Withered Hand – It’s A Wonderful Lie
12th – Recording The Impossible – Silent Night
13th – Synonym – Festiv’ Biznis (Santa’s Goin’ Crazy)
14th – Dawn of the Replicants – Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time
15th – Camera Obscura – Little Donkey
16th – Belle & Sebastian – Are You Coming Over For Christmas?
17th – Dan Lyth – She Spent Thirty
18th – Idlewild – Mistletoe And Wine
19th – Macabre Scene – Last Christmas
20th – Dogs Die In Hot Cars – Christmas
21st – Cancel the Astronauts – Dead By Christmas
22nd – A Band Called Quinn – Snowbus
23rd – The Morgue Party Candidate – I Seen Mummy Kissing Santa Claus
24th – The Cinematics – Japanese Snow Queen
24h Bonus – De Rosa – Under The Stairs (Christmas Reverie) Demo Version
25th – Camera Obscura – The Blizzard

Happy Christmas (or other holiday of your choice) everyone. Please remember, Aye Tunes isn’t just for Christmas, so keep coming back. Unless you dislike me, then you are excused.