Happy Hallowe’en (Just A Bit Early)

I know that Hallowe’en is (a) not till Sunday and (b) ridiculous, it is meant to be for kids, but instead turns into an excuse to dress up as a slutty nurse when you should know better, but it gives me an excuse to round up some vaguely spooky themed music and watch scary films, so whatever. Since you are likely to be doing all your partying before Sunday (and if you want suggestions for something to do, why not peek at the gig guide?) we figured we’d post early too with some songs to soundtrack your creepy weekend.

Fist up we’ll revisit a post from Monday’s Keeping It Peel extravaganza for some Aereogramme, just since it is already uploaded and handy.

Next up is the latest of FOUND‘s free track giveaways. Something Under The Bed Is Drooling takes it’s name from Calvin & Hobbes, which means it is already a winner in my book.

Our next wee Hallowe’en track comes from the good folk at Back de Piggy Records. The two track release by Goat Doctor is available on a pay what you want basis, and is quite terrifying really.

The Plimptons released a seasonal themed single last year called ‘I Hate Hallowe’en’. It sounds a bit like The Misfits version of Monster Mash, with a Scottish accent. Fantastic then. It is still available as a free download here. I Hate Hallowe’en is also included on the upcoming Plimpton’s album ’00s Nostalgia With The Plimptons. The album is set to be launched on November 20th, and you can download the first four tracks as well as finding out more details at the same link as you got the Hallowe’en single.
Supporting The Plimptons at that album launch are The Paraffins, which is handy, since they are also supplying our next freebie. The Thirty One Ten Ten EP was recorded for the recent Way of the Tomb night in Glasgow and is available to download here.
Finally a little something from Le Reno Amps. Never Be Alone is a spooky little taster for their new album, due out early next year. Listen/download below.

Never Be Alone by Le Reno Amps by Armellodie

Oh, and a wee video from Fiction Faction.