Hector Bizerk – Ally McCrae Session 17.10.2011


We don’t normally do sessions round here, leaving that game to Peenko instead (he’d beat me if I tried to muscle in on his territory anyway) but I think he is skipping this one, and I like the band, so…

Hector Bizerk are a two piece hip hop outfit from Scotland, Louie on vocals, Audrey on the drumkit. Often I find I can’t get into Scottish hip hop, I blame too many years of living on US stuff, I can’t get my head round rhymes coming at me in a Scottish accent properly, but there are a few bands around that force their way through my mental barrier. Stanley Odd are one such band, and I’ll get back to them over the weekend, and Hector Bizerk are certainly another. Louie commands attention, and having a live drummer instead of a Macbook in the corner adds something more organic to things, as well as being much more interesting to watch.

Enough blether from me, here’s the session they recorded live for BBC Introducing this week.

1. Burst Love
2. Man Up
3. Tsunami
4. The Rhythm Theory

Hector Bizerk have a self titled EP available from iTunes, and a second EP set for release any day now.
You can find Hector Bizerk on Facebook and Soundcloud.