Hey You Get Off My Pavement!


This Sunday (june 29th) sees Mono in Glasgow put on their third annual Hey You Get Off My Pavement! mini-festival, and for the third year running, I can’t go.
I’m fairly sure I’m currently fated not to make it to any of the gigs I want to get to, since they always seem to clash with me being busy elsewhere, or by the time I find out about them, the tickets have gone. That’s no reason for you not to go, have a great time and make me feel thouroghly jealous afterwards though.

On the line up this year are Camera Obscura, the quite wonderful Foxface, Stevie Jackson from Belle & Sebastian, some Fence Collective types and more.

Tickets will set you back £18.50, which for a full days entertainment – and a barbeque! – isn’t half bad. Festivities kick off at 12pm and we’ll hope it stays dry.

More info here.

Camera Obscura – Super Trooper
Foxface – Winners/Losers


  1. Samir says:

    there’s a pretty good reason for ME not to go, actually.

    i think it’s called… the atlantic ocean?

    but i’d be there if i could.

  2. Jim says:

    Aye alright, I’ll give you that one…

  3. Philou says:

    hey jim! this is phyllis, remember bridget’s friend? i am back in america now and very much missing glasgow. i’m just starting out on the bloggosphere and i’m linking you, hope you don’t mind!