Hinterland 2010 Takes Shape


On the 3rd of April the Hinterland Festival makes a return to Glasgow and a good bit of the line-up has now been announced. Taking place from 5pm till 3am, currently on the bill are:

Mystery Jets
British Sea Power
Jeffrey Lewis
Friendly Fires (DJ)
Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard (DJ Set)
Hot Club de Paris
Wave Pictures
GrecoRoman Soundsystem
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
Fenech Soler
Johnny Foreigner
French Wives
Kitty the Lion
Midnight Lion
Cooly G
Marcus Nasty
Eclair FiFi
Art installations by Konx Om Pax & Christina Kernohan
Make Sparks
Little Yellow Ukuleles
Pulled Apart By Horses
Panda Su
The Boy Who Trapped the Sun
The Darien Venture
The Kays Lavelle

Announced so far as venues are The Arches, Sub Club, MacSorleys, The Admiral, Pivo Pivo & Rockers. That’s a nice cluster of city centre venues, with a very short between between most of them.

Early bird tickets are currently on sale, for only £10. There’s more than enough bands on the bill already – I count ten right away that I like a lot – to make that price sound like quite a bargain.

For more info and tickets swing by the Hinterland website.