How To Be A Ghost: An Illustrated Guide

I don’t respond well to spooky behaviour

How To Be A Ghost: An Illustrated Guide is a new wee book by Campbell “Shambles” Miller and Neil Slorance. Written by the pair of them, and illustrated by Neil, it’s a lovely little thing, and at an A6 size, wee and little are fitting descriptions.

The book tells the story of a man, well, a ghost I suppose, adjusting to his new found ghostliness, along with his advice on how to be a ghost from what he has learned. A playful tone to the writing, alongside Neil’s clean, understated art keep things from getting either too sugrary sweet, or too morbid at the less cheery parts, adding up to something roughly describable as “adorable”.
Neil and Campbell say the book is for big kids, but there’s nothing in it to stop small ones reading either. Pick up a copy for all your Ghost, comic, or general good thing loving friends.

How To Be A Ghost: An Illustrated Guide is published by Pipe Down Productions, and available online here.
There’s also a launch event for the book on Sunday December 4th, at the Life Craft premises upstairs in De Courcy’s Arcade, from 6.30-9pm. You can pick up the book, enjoy some cakes and drinks, and smile/shout at the creators.