How To Get To Heaven From Scotland


While I’m posting random odds & ends, here’s a reminder that Aidan Moffat & The Best Of’s album is out on Saturday. Annoyingly the whole having no job thing means I’m too short on cash to order the swanky special edition from the Chemikal shop at the moment, bugger.
To celebrate the release of the album, there’s a How To Get To Heaven From Scotland board game available to play. It’ll give you previews of the album and if you finish it you “win” a free MP3 of Big Blonde from the album, with the sweary bits taken out.
Go play the game here.


  1. b says:

    it’s the “greeks invented gayness” lady with the shopping bags. and the other old guy: “I hear you’re a racist now, father.”

    i’ll hafta check the game out when i get home. i’m on the school computers in the student union and some guy is giving me dirty looks for taking too long. i don’t think there are speakers on this thing, anyway. i like the font of the title! and congrats on getting a request to post something. i hope you get free stuff soon. i got a free coupon the other day from some guy on the street for mac n cheese. i still hafta pay for the mac n cheese though. . .

  2. b says:

    i win! woohoo!

    ok, that’s probably gonna be the high point of my week. that and landing on the grapefruit square 3x.