Keeping It Peel – a.c. acoustics #keepingitpeel

This will now go back in the cupboard for another year

Right then, last session, I think I’ve assaulted you enough for one day.
Back to Scotland for our final session, with a.c. acoustics. I’m never sure if that should be uppercase or lowercase, all one word, or with¬†punctuation, so I’ve made a guess. They were a band that always threatened to bother the mainstream, but in the end never did. What they did do before splitting in 2003 was leave behind a quartet of cracking albums in the shape of Able Treasury, Victory Parts, Understanding Music and O.

Both Stunt Girl and I Messiah Am Jailer made it into the Festive Fifty in 1996 and 97 respectively. Both are ace songs.

a.c. acoustics – John Peel Session 03.03.2003
1. A Bell Of Love Rings Out For You
2. Hold
3. Clone Of Al Capone
4. 16.4.2010

Other than a quick round-up post to follow that’s me done with the Keeping It Peel Posts for this year. Remember to swing by the Keeping It Peel website to see what others have been up to.