Keeping It Peel – Aereogramme


I was very late to the party with this band. In fact, by the time I got into Aereogramme they were just about to call it a day. My first Aereogramme gig was their last, and I was left with a feeling of regret that I hadn’t caught on sooner.

Delving into their back catalogue from there threw up more and more reasons to fall in love with the band, and in a short time I went from being ambivalent to fully converted.
Aereogramme’s Craig B and Iain Cook are back making music together now after some time apart as The Unwinding Hours. Their debut album released earlier this year must be a strong competitor for the imminent Album of the Year polls, and their gig a little over a week ago in Glasgow’s Oran Mor was nothing short of stunning.
Aereogramme recorded a couple of Peel Sessions, but I only have one handy, you can find that below.
They were in 2004’s Festive Fifty twice, with Dreams and Bridges at #4 and The Unravelling at #15.
Aereogramme – John Peel Session 29.01.2003
2. Snake
4. Thriller

For more information on Keeping It Peel visit the website set up here.


  1. Was that the QMU gig? Was there too, damn shame they called it a day.