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I sometimes take Edinburgh four piece ballboy a bit for granted. It feels like they’ve been around for as long as I’ve been paying attention and partly because of that familiarity I find myself forgetting how many blooming brilliant songs they have under their belts. Ballboy do also have an eye for a great song title, and are one of the few bands that have not just gotten away with covering The Boss, but added something new, with their gorgeous version of Born in the USA.

John Peel obviously agreed with ballboy’s quality, with 10 songs in the Festive Fifty in only four years and a number of sessions.
Those Festive Fifty picks in full:
I Hate Scotland (Number 13 in 2000)
They’ll Hang Flags From Cranes (Number 26 in 2001)
I’ve Got Pictures Of You In Your Underwear (Number 41 in 2001)
All The Records On The Radio Are Shite (Number 10 in 2002)
Where Do The Nights Of Sleep Go? (When They Do Not Come To Me) (Number 24 in 2002)
The Sash My Father Wore (Number 14 in 2003)
I Gave Up My Eyes (Number 23 in 2003)
Born In The USA (Number 38 in 2003)
The Art of Kissing (Number 21 in 2004)
I Don’t Have Time To Stand Here With You Fighting About The Size Of My Dick (Number 49 in 2004)
There are several Peel Sessions available direct from the ballboy website, so go over there and help yourself. I’ll posted up the last one from November 2004 below.
ballboy: John Peel Session November 9th 2004
For more information on Keeping It Peel visit the website set up here.
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