Keeping It Peel – Boards of Canada #keepingitpeel


We’ll be bouncing between Scottish bands and bands from elsewhere this year for Keeping It Peel, but we’ll kick things off with one of my favourites from these shores, Boards of Canada.
It has been a while, as far as I can remember at least, since Boards of Canada have released anything, but when you are responsible for the absolutely sublime Music Has the Right To Children you can do whatever you like in my book.

I’m of the opinion that everyone with functioning ears should have a copy of Music Has the Right To Children by the way. Heck, even people whose ears don’t work that well should have it.

The one Boards of Canada Peel Session was released as Peel Session EP, available to buy from Amazon and iTunes, so to avoid getting into trouble I won’t post the whole session, just the first track, and the last. The last song, XYZ, was initially available on the Peel Session EP, but removed due to licensing issues.

Boards Of Canada – Peel Session 16.06.1998
1. Aquarius (Version 3)
2. Happy Cycling
3.Olson (Version 3)
4. XYZ

Boards of Canada popped up three times in the Festive Fifty, with two entries in 1998 and another in 2000.

Boards of Canada website