Keeping It Peel – Dawn of the Replicants #keepingitpeel


Miss a chance to post a load of Dawn of the Replicants songs? Not a bloody chance!
Along with Dogs Die In Hot Cars, Dawn of the Replicants are one of my favourite Scottish bands starting with the letter D. Oh, and Deacon Blue obviously. Wait, De Rosa and Dananananaykroyd. There’s more bands beginning with D than I thought there were when I wrote that sentence. Never mind, let’s carry on.

Stealing a quote from elsewhere: “Swamp rock, pop, glam-rock, electro-girlie, jazz, doo-wop, nasty ass blues, hip hop, redneck and experimentalism,’ is how Dawn of … describe their music. But then their founder members used to be music journalists, so their love of genre-checking is forgivable. They’re also right.”

These days Paul Vickers can be found doing all sorts of stuff, on his own and sometimes with The Leg. Roger Simian is one half of The Bird and the Monkey. I’ve had themĀ penciledĀ in for a blog post for a while, which I will get to eventually, but in the meantime consider this a quick plug for them, visit their website for loads of stuff.

Four Peel Sessions, and one entry in the 1999 Festive Fifty. All the sessions, and one from Pluto Monkey, are available to download for free from the DotR website here, so I’ll just pick a couple of songs from each to stick below.

Dawn of the Replicants – John Peel Session 12.08.1997
Diggin’ Bear
Fatal Firework

Dawn of the Replicants – John Peel Session 28.04.1998
Windy Millar

Dawn of the Replicants – John Peel Session 25.04.1999
Fearless Vampire Hunters

Dawn of the Replicants – John Peel Session 17.10.2002
Rhinestone Cowboy
Rockefeller Center 1932


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