Keeping It Peel – El Hombre Trajeado


el hombre trajeado woke up in october 1995, snoozed a little through 2003 / 2004, then went back to sleep for good in 2006

So it says on their website, and who am I to disagree with the people responsible? El Hombre Trajeado were a familiar name when I was out and about at gigs around the late 90s. They’d pop up from time to time on a bill and had a name that stuck in the head. I hadn’t thought about them in some time though, until early this year when the band’s RM Hubbert released his album First & Last. Hubby’s excellent album sent me back to listen to El Hombre, which gave me a nice little reminder of just how good they were.
All three of their albums and a single are available on a “name your price” basis here. RM Hubbert’s album is available on the same terms here.
El Hombre Trajeado recorded three Peel Sessions, you can hear a couple of tracks below.
Many thanks to RM Hubbert for hooking me up with these tracks.

El Hombre Trajeado – John Peel Session 01.03.1998
El Hombre Trajeado – John Peel Session 24.01.2001

For more information on Keeping It Peel visit the website set up here.
El Hombre Trajeado: Website
RM Hubbert: Website