Keeping It Peel – Kenickie


“I just want to hear something I haven’t heard before” said John Peel. With that in mind you could argue that by digging through the archives I’ve missed the point of #keepingitpeel. However since the rest of the year is dedicated to writing about new music, going out to see live bands and attempting to deliver something you might not have heard before I think I can be forgiven for using today for nostalgia, don’t you?
We are slipping out of Scotland for this one, going south of the border to Sunderland.
Kenickie were three girls and a boy. While they weren’t always the strongest performers they oozed charm and charisma, and had some killer tunes. Lead vocalist, guitarist and lyricist Lauren Laverne has long since stopped the singing, but can now be found on the telly regularly, and pushing new music as a 6 Music DJ. She likes We’re Only Afraid of NYC, which is just one more reason why we at Aye Tunes will always love Lauren.
Kenickie did two Peel Sessions which were put together and released back in 2000. That release can be a bit tricky to find, but to avoid trouble I’m just picking one song per session anyway.
Kenickie placed twice in the Festive Fifty with Come Out 2Nite and Punka at numbers 1 and 4 respectively in 1996. Sandwiched between those two entries were Arab Strap and The Delgados. Sounds like an Aye Tunes DJ set.
Kenickie – John Peel Session 18.06.1995
Kenickie – John Peel Session 01.03.1996
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  1. (I love Lauren Lavern ! Don’t tell her)

  2. Siobhan says:

    I remember loving Kenickie and it turning out my Mum knew Lauren and Johnny’s mum so me getting a signed photo and t-shirt and CD. I clearly treasured them as all I have left now is the CD and that is not of their greatest single…

    But thanks – these keeping it Peel posts really did bring back memories of listening to John Peel late at night.

  3. some bloke says:

    Brilliant, brilliant, thank you