Keeping It Peel – Lung Leg #keepingitpeel


Before I carry on, just a quick mention that Fresh Air Radio are having a Keeping It Peel celebration of their own. Assuming this posts at 8pm as scheduled they are just kicking off, and you can listen live here. Don’t worry, you can go listen to that and come back here later, I won’t mind.

It has mostly been white boys with guitars up till now, so before I get shouted at here’s some, err, Scottish girls with guitars. They make an almighty noise, enjoy. As my pal Last Year’s Girl might say “shouty girls FTW”.

Lung Leg – John Peel Session 29.01.1995
1. Palmolive
2. Small Screen Queen
3. Lungleg
4. Edith Massey
5. Kung Fu On The Internet
6. Blah Blah Blah