Keeping It Peel – Spiritualized #keepingitpeel


Nearly time to put away the wee Peel Session image for another year, only one more session to go after this one.

For this one I am once again kicking all pretense of being a Scottish music blog out the window to pick another of my favourite bands ever.
I was a latecomer to Spiritualized. Up until Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space I knew the name, but not much else. That album though was released a mere two days before my 18th birthday, and was promptly bought with birthday money, and listened to on repeat on the new stereo that my parents got me as a present for much of the summer, when I wasn’t off enjoying the gap between school and university, and enjoying the novelty of legal being allowed to buy booze and 18 rated videos. A bit of working backwards whenever I had some spare cash filled in the gaps, going as far back as some of the Spacemen 3 stuff.

I’ve said it about a couple of albums today, but Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space is another one of those records that if you have ears, you should probably own. The irony of me becoming near addicted to a heavily drug themed album has never been lost on me either.

Spiritualized – Peel Session 07.01.1992
1. Angel Sigh
2. Feel So Sad
3. Smiles