Keeping It Peel – The Afghan Whigs #keepingitpeel

Bored of this image yet? Tough luck, I’m not done.

Aye, we’ve pretty much tossed sticking with Scots well out the window for Keeping It Peel, letting me instead post bands that I wouldn’t normally. To say that the Afghan Whigs are a favourite of mine is a bit of an understatement. Greg Dulli is pretty much a musical hero. He was the driving force behind the Afghan Whigs, the only musician other than Dave Grohl to play on the debut Foo Fighters album, faked being a Beatle along with Grohl, Thurston Moore and Mike Mills for the soundtrack to Backbeat, teamed with Mark Lanegan as The Gutter Twins, stuck out a couple of solo records, and can now be found heading up The Twilight Singers. To my ears he has never released a bad record. You can disagree, but be warned it may end in a fistfight.

The Afghan Whigs would often through a cover version or two into their live sets, and stick them on the b-sides of singles, so it seems fitting that this session has a pair of covers, Revenge by Patti Smith and Easily Persuaded by Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, along with two songs from Gentlemen, another one of those albums that anyone with ears should have a copy of. Actually, all girls should be issued with a copy of Gentlemen on their 13th birthday and sent to listen to it with the warning “this is men, stay away from them”, teen pregnancy rates would plummet. I do personally like Black Love just a wee bit more though, it was my first Afghan Whigs album, so it claimed the spot in my heart before the others had a chance to.

Afghan Whigs – John Peel Session 22.02.1994
1. Revenge
2. Easily Persuaded
3. My Curse
4. What Jail Is Like


  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow. Thanks for putting this out… thought I had all there stuff already. What a sweet surprise. Thank you!

  2. Anonymous says:

    this version of my curse makes this priceless to me. loved your comment on defending dulli’s work via fistfight. thanks from wisconsin.

  3. Jim Connick says:

    No one has challenged me to that fistfight yet, but if it comes to it I’ll do it.