Keeping It Peel – The Delgados


In tribute to John Peel the 5pm post today, this one, has been written at the wrong speed. In other words, I didn’t finish it quick enough to post it at the right time.

The Delgados would be my other favourite band ever if pushed. Them and Arab Strap would need to have some kind of Deathmatch to provide a clear winner, and that seems unlikely to happen.

The Delgados were, of course, Emma Pollock, Paul Savage, Alun Woodward and Stewart Henderson. Not only did The Delgados release five briliant studio albums, but they also formed Chemikal Underground Records together.
The band split in 2005, with each member happily going on to do their own things and they continue to run Chemikal together.
You are allowed to not like The Delgados (though you’ll be wrong, I can prove it with graphs) but what this foursome have done for Scottish music both with their own releases and with Chemikal Underground is very deserving of your respect at least.
The Delgados feature 13 times in the Festive Fifty. Pull The Wires From The Wall placed at #27 in 1997 before being #1 in 1998, also making it in to the Millenium All Time Fifty at #26.

Again, all of The Delgados Peel Sessions have been released, so I’ll just be cherry picking a couple of tracks. You can buy The Complete Peel Sessions on CD or (very cheap) download from Amazon, download from iTunes, direct from Chemikal or anywhere else that sells good records.

The Delgados – John Peel Session 12.05.1996
The Delgados – John Peel Session 17.06.1998
The Delgados – John Peel Session 02.09.2004
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