Keeping It Peel – World of Twist #keepingitpeel


Time for a request. I don’t really know much about World of Twist, but I stuck a call out on Twitter the other week asking if anyone had any sessions they’d like to see posted, and this was one of the ones asked for, so here it is. Service with a smile from Aye Tunes! Well, as close to a smile as you’ll get out of my naturally grumpy looking face anyway.

World of Twist – Peel Session 25.06.1991
2. St Bruno
3. Kick Out The Jams
4. Blackpool Tower


  1. Anonymous says:

    The untitled track is ‘Lose My Way” and St Bruno is a version of “Sweets” just in case people weren’t aware!

    Thanks for sharing this, i’ve been after it for ages, i taped it the night it was broadcast but lost it many moons ago. Excellent band and much missed.

  2. Jim Connick says:

    Ah, cheers! I’m not very familiar with the band and struggled to find any more info on the sessions, so thanks for that, much appreciated.

  3. Thanks a million! Any chance of these as FLAC files?