Keeping It Peel


What is Keeping It Peel? Well, simply put it is a sort of John Peel Day, for bloggers.
KeepingItPeel is the brainchild of Webbie of Football and Music, brought to my attention by JC of The Vinyl Villain. It is a sort of offspring of JC’s brilliant Paul Haig Day idea and it boils down to a bunch of bloggers taking today to post some Peel Sessions.

I’ve got a fair amount planned for today but rather than doing a massive post I’ll be spreading things out a bit, so pop by every now and then to hear some songs, read a wee bit about some bands and generally celebrate Uncle John.
We’ll kick things off pretty simply. Recorded in Mono in Glasgow on October 13th 2005 at a John Peel Night gig here is Mogwai paying tribute. It is exactly what it says it is.
Mogwai were no strangers to the John Peel show, with several sessions under their belts and eight Festive Fifty inclusions.

Many of Mogwai’s Peel Session tracks are collected on Government Commissions, available on CD or download from Amazon and from iTunes.
For more information on Keeping It Peel visit the website set up here.