#keepingitpeel 2011


What is Keeping It Peel? Well, simply put it is a sort of John Peel Day, for bloggers.
KeepingItPeel is the brainchild of Webbie of Football and Music, brought to my attention by JC of The Vinyl Villain. It is a sort of offspring of JC’s brilliant Paul Haig Day idea and it boils down to a bunch of bloggers taking today to post some Peel Sessions.

I took part last year, and the whole thing was fun, and a good excuse to dredge through the archives, so I’ll be joining in again this year.
There will be Peel Session posts throughout the day, and probably at some point me panicking to hit my deadlines as I run out of things I’ve scheduled already.

“I just want to hear something I haven’t heard before” said John Peel. With that in mind you could argue that by digging through the archives I’ve missed the point of #keepingitpeel. However since the rest of the year is dedicated to writing about new music, going out to see live bands and attempting to deliver something you might not have heard before I think I can be forgiven for using today for nostalgia, don’t you?

I’ve stuck all the downloads from last year back up again too, so if you missed them you can get them again now.
Last year’s posts were:
Intro, with Mogwai
Urusei Yatsura
Arab Strap
Close Lobsters
The Delgados
El Hombre Trajeado
Primal Scream
The Nectarine No.9

Keep track of who else is taking part and find out more at the Keeping It Peel website.