Kid Canaveral EP Launch


Sort of forgot to mention this before now, but after a little prod I’m remembering now.
I deliberatly didn’t touch on this one until now, saving it as part of my mini “stuff that’s happening over in Edinburgh” fest instead. (I don’t think I’m going to get away with that…)

Anyway, Kid Canaveral are a two boy, two girl indie pop combo, with a nice little collection of 7″ singles to their name so far. This weekend they play a launch gig for their new EP, Left & Right at The Bowery in Edinburgh. If you click on the wee picture up the top there it should open up at a readable size so you can get the info.

Support comes from Cancel The Astronauts and Popup, two other favourites round these parts – do a search and read what I’ve written about them before if you don’t believe me – so it should be a splendid night of sheer indie joy. One I can’t go to…

Get yourself along if you can and tell everyone Jim sent you. All but a few people will stare at you blankly, but that’s alright, that’s how my whole life feels.

I’ll be reviewing Left & Right soon, but in the meantime whet your appetite with an interview Kid Canaveral did with Peenko and see what Glasgow PodcART had to say about the EP.


  1. JC says:

    I hate the fact that I’m so busy just now and cant get to things like this…..

  2. Kids Music says:

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