Kid Canaveral – You Only Went Out To Get Drunk Last Night Single Review


This is one of the things I should have done last week, but ended up shivering, sniffling and coughing instead.
Having the cold was rubbish, the new single from Kid Canaveral isn’t.

I’m probably at the point now where I like Kid Canaveral too much to be able to be trusted with an unbiased opinion on them, they did headline our Peenko Vs Aye Tunes gig after all, but I’ll try my best.
You Only Went Out To Get Drunk Last Night does pretty much all the things I love about Kid Canaveral. There’s a catchy hook from the off, a lush melody, oodles of singalong potential (good for me, not so good for anyone who happens to be near me at their gigs) and it just plain puts a smile on my face.
It is also probably the best I’ve heard Kid Canaveral on record. All the time locked away in a studio working on upcoming album Shouting At Wildlife has clearly paid off.
The single is filled out with a pair of remixes of You Only Went Out To Get Drunk Last Night, from Kwaing Creasite (how many pseudonyms does Kenny Anderson need anyway?) and Becky Becky Parentheses. Remixes tend to be a bit tricky for me to write anything about, generally they either work for me, or they don’t.
The Kwaing Creasite remix answers the first question I ask of remixes – does this do anything worthwhile? – by being a bit less of a remix and more a complete overhaul. It is verging on being a cover version, and is really good, giving a more downbeat take on the song, without removing any of the charm. Lovely.
Becky Becky Parentheses also gives the song a thorough overhaul, which includes slowing down the female la la la parts until they sound considerably more demonic than sweet. The results are somewhat sinister, yet rather compelling. Pass marks all round!
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You Only Went Out To Get Drunk Last Night is available now from Bandcamp and all the usual download shops. Kid Canaveral play the Glasgow Slow Club at Bar Bloc on June 8th, before taking a little break before their Shouting At Wildlife album launch gig in Edinburgh’s Roxy Room on July 3rd.
Kid Canaveral - You Only Went Out to Get Drunk Last Night - EP


  1. JC says:

    It is awfully good…….but I dont think they will ever better the version played that night at Captains Rest. Captured the spirit and bonhomie of the occasion just perfectly.