Last Reminder: Aye Tunes Presents


By now you are probably sick to death of me mentioning this, so you’ll be glad to hear that the first Aye Tunes Presents gig takes place tonight, so I’ll soon shut up about it.

If you’ve somehow missed the details, then playing tonight live in Stereo are Boygirlanimalcolour, Kochka and Trapped Mice. There’s a free sampler of the bands here.
Doors open at 7pm, entry is £5. If you hurry you can stil get a £3 ticket online, but I’ll be taking those down soon.
The first twenty or so people through the door will also get free biscuits, so come along at the start of the night if biscuits are something you enjoy.
I’ve also made up a small bunch of copyright violating CDs for the evening, one of which is yours in return for a donation to Marie Curie Cancer Care. I’ll be collecting for the charity tonight, so bring some spare change.
Please come along, and say hello.
I’ll now be quiet.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Hope it all goes well, cheers velcroBROTHER

  2. Anonymous says:

    Be quiet? Please do. Or at least get your tongue out of your friends arseholes long enough to listen to some bands with a bit of balls.

  3. favouriteson says:

    u mention balls, but clearly don’t have any as you comment anonymously

  4. halina says:

    ironically, the person hasn’t put their names thus revealing that they themselves have no balls. well done.

  5. Jim says:

    Oh ok, I’ll bite – give me some names, I’ll go listen.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Scrap Brain, man. They fucking rock.

    Loch Awe x

  7. Anonymous says:

    Also, why do people think that bloggers should talk about anything other than their own personal taste? There’s no reason to write about something you don’t like. So, Mr Anonymous, if you want someone to write about bands with ‘balls’ as you so beautifully put it, write about them your fucking self.

    Loch Awe, again x

  8. Jim says:

    I don’t actually mind the wee but of Scrap Brain I’ve heard.
    The other part does rear it’s head now and then, so I might as well repeat what I say every time I’m asked. Not every band I see is good, not everything that comes through my inbox is good. There are however only so many hours in a day, so the things that ARE good, the things I like, the things I am passionate about obviously take priority when it comes to being written about, tweeted and so on.
    I really just don’t have the time or the energy to write about things that I don’t care about, so I will be much more positive than negative.

  9. Hamish says:

    I’m more confused as to why someone would put on a gig of bands they don’t like, or for that matter why they wouldn’t big up their own gig…

  10. Wull says:

    Dear Anonymous,
    I can’t see what you possibly hoped to achieve with your post mr anonymous? perhaps there could be better use of your talents perhaps you could start your own blog like rather than giving your lackluster pointless responses to a legimate source of homegrown talent.

    Wull x

  11. Markk says:

    Hello Mr Anonymous ‘Balls’ person.

    I am one of said bands (Kochka) in above aforementioned post from Mr Ayetunes.

    I think we need some clarification…

    Do you mean a band with balls as in testicles? perhaps you are kinda right as Sheryll in my band doesnt have them but then you would just be coined as a sexist twat.

    Or do you mean ‘balls’ as in violence? In that case there is £20 waiting for you at the next Kochka gig if you come on stage and say that to us face to face.

    Do you mean balls as in plays through a distortion pedal for 30mintues in which case you can f*** off.

    Or do you mean have balls as in instrumentation as we use quite alot of random noise and instruments which would fit this description. Please Mr Anonymous Balls person, i want clarification.

    PS Jim Connick contacted me one sunny day (without ever knowing or speaking to me) and said i downloaded your music from Itunes and i really liked it so i reviewed it. That Mr Anonymous Balls person is how a blogger works. Likes music, talks about it and says hello.


    Markk, Kochka

  12. Ahem I do so have balls. They belonged to Anonymous and now they live in my pocket.