Last Year’s Girl’s Friday Night Speakeasy – A Reminder and a Contest

Off camera – alien spacecraft.

I did a full preview of this gig a few weeks ago, you can read it here, but now that the night is almost upon is, I figured I’d throw out a wee reminder. Not only that, but read to the bottom and you can win something!

Anyway, short version, Last Year’s Girl is putting on a gig on Friday night, with Franz Nicolay, Chris T-T and Dave Hughes.

Last Year’s Girl’s Friday Night Speakeasy takes place at The Old Hairdressers, right across from Stereo on Renfield Lane in Glasgow, on Friday (funny that) December 2nd, you can buy tickets here.

Now, cause Lisa-Marie is pretty nice, she’s offered me a free ticket (just the one, this isn’t a bloody charity you know, and putting on gigs is expensive) to give away to an Aye Tunes reader. To have a chance of winning answer me this question: Chris T-T recently put a writer’s poems to music, what was the name of the writer? Email answers to, along with your name.
Competition closes at 11am on Friday morning, then I’ll pick out a winner at random and inform them by email, so it’ll help if you have access to email on Friday afternoon or I might think you dingy me when I tell you you’ve won.
You should also be able to come to the gig on Friday. You’d think that would be obvious, but I’ve had competition winners before realise they couldn’t go to the gig they won tickets for,.
If the question seems a bit hard for you and you are too lazy to Google, then you can listen to and buy the Chris T-T songs in question here.