Lions No Longer Chasing Tigers


Just a week after announcing a couple of gigs Lions.Chase.Tigers have announced that these gigs will, sadly, be their last.

They write:
It is with great sadness and some relief that we must announce our upcoming shows in Glasgow and Aberdeen as our last.
After much discussion we feel this is as good a time as ever to draw a line under Lions.Chase.Tigers.
We’d like to thank everyone for their continuous support and guidance throughout our 3 years as a band; it has always been greatly appreciated.
Our great friends have already said it better than we ever could, so we’ll leave you with this:
‘This is our last dance, this is goodnight and goodbye’.
ave, Fraser, Iain, Seoridh

Tickets for tomorrow’s Glasgow gig are available here. Next week the final Lions.Chase.Tigers gig will take place in The Tunnels in Aberdeen, on Saturday.
We were always very fond of Lions.Chase.Tigers here at Aye Tunes, they were one of the first bands I caught regularly when I started getting back out to gigs more regularly last year and always gave their all on stage whenever I saw them. I’m sad to see them go, and wish them the best of luck in whatever the members do next.
Lions.Chase.Tigers Website