Look, It Moves!


Looking through my inbox I’ve been sent quite a few videos recently.

Rather than leave them all in there, all sad and lonely and ignored, here’s the first of a probably irregular round up of some of them.

The Son(s) – Radar
Serious favourites round these parts, and of quite a few of the other blogs too, The Son(s) release the fan-flipping-tastic single Radar on January 17th through Eli and Oz. An album follows in March, but more on that nearer the time.
Aaron Wright – Trampoline
Aaron Wright has announced a load of tour dates for the rest of January which you can find by visiting the link above the video, and will be releasing Trampolines as a single on February 21st.
Cities and Skylines – Holes in the Snow
Cities and Skylines launch this single with a gig in Bloc on Thursday (13th January). The single is available from iTunes now.
Blinding Sunlight – Let’s Just Sit Around
Blinding Sunlight’s Particles albums was one of my favourite impulse purchases of last year. Me being me despite loving the album and playing it to death I’ve completely forgotten to mention them on the blog so far. So here’s a look at a video they made with Glasgow based film maker Mark Davitt.
Fiction Faction – Apparitions
Fiction Faction release Apparitions as a single through 17 Seconds Records on January 31st.
Polly and the Billet Doux – Follow My Feet
Finally, stepping out of Scotland for a minute because I like the band, here’s a live version of Polly and the Billet Doux’s upcoming single Follow My Feet, set for release on February 21st.