Lou Hickey – Minutes, Hours, Days


It is all too easy to sneer at pop music, especially if you ever inflict listening to the top 40 on yourself and drown in a sea of identikit, characterless autotune nonsense.

Thank goodness for people like Lou Hickey then, who in a few short minutes can remind you of the glory of a catchy little pop song.
Minutes, Hours, Days is exactly that, just under four minutes of catchy pop music that neither tries to reinvent the wheel, or compromise itself to fit into any current trend. Poppy, a bit jazzy, unashamedly retro and featuring something that will always make me like a song a bit more – handclaps! – Minutes, Hours, Days is a sweet, cheery song with more warmth and personality than half the charts put together. If you liked the first Pipettes album – y’know, the one that was actually good – then do check this out, there’s a similar kind of vibe to it.
Have a wee listen below, and keep an eye out for much much more from Lou Hickey this year.

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